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Welcome to this Flower Essences field of Lifepower, about Bach Flower Remedies and other Nature Essences. Through the following pages you'll find information, and articles which I hope will encourage, stimulate and inspire. I'm aiming to help anyone and everyone to know about these wonderful gifts of Nature, and help you to learn for yourself and every kind and part of life how Nature benefits us all. Truly a new approach to health and life, Essences are part of, and assisting a profound shift in human consciousness. Updated January 2011.

Introducing Flower & Vibrational Essences. Basic intro information, and why I'm so overjoyed about them..

Making Your Own Flower Essence: No article here because I am no longer formally teaching. However if you are interested in making Essences with my Rainbow Healing Garden here in Exmoor, Somerset, do get in touch to talk possibilities. Otherwise I am confident you will now easily find a wealth of online information about making Essences, including my pages from this field.

Children and Vibrational Essences Pooled information from the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association about the ins and outs of using Essences with children.

Flower Essences for Children While all Essences are safe for anyone from babies to elders, and any Essence might be an appropriate help for a child, this page highlights some that are made especially with children's needs and likes in mind.

Flower Essences for Therapists, Healers and Health Carers Information and study opportunities. Why and how Essences can be such a great boon for anyone working in any sort health care. You don't necessarily have to do a "Practitioner's" course to benefit for yourself, your work place and your clients.

Benign Flower Essences What does this mean? Why is it important to understand? This difference from most other health-care forms and approaches also represents how humanity is changing its mind, and finding peaceful means of living in harmony with all life.

'Bach' to Basics The first ever set of Flower Essences, Bach Flower Remedies from Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's, still offers us profound fundamental help. Even if we never use the Remedies, they teach us about the most basic facets of human nature, insights which empower and guide us well.

Mediation and Flower Essences No matter how new or experienced we are in our practices of whatever form, Flower Essences can help us. Here' a brief guide on what why and how.

Using Flower Essences "And this is what you do..." Exploring the wide range of ways we can apply whatever Essences we use.

Consultation Cynthia Alves no longer offers formal consultations. Being semi-retired from teaching and no longer registered with the BFVEA or insured as a practitioner, I am happy to advise, or to offer Essences by Post as an experienced individual (which I am glad to say is still legal in the UK).

Bach Flower Remedies for Therapists & Health Care Professionals "Bach Flower Therapy" is a particular and classic way of working with the Bach Flower Remedies. There is also much benefit that any professional health care practitioner can gain by simply using them well to support themselves and their work. Cynthia Alves looks at issues common to therapists, counselors and other health care professionals, where the Bach Flowers and the insights they promote will enhance whatever care is offered. This is a detailed supportive article, approx 5,000 words, section indexed at its top.

Bach Remedy Resource List For students and users of Bach Flower Remedies, this is my recommendations list of books and online information (with links to where to find / buy), including general practicalities, choosing aids, training opportunities, and about producers of bona fide Bach Remedies. They include what I have found to be useful and enduring over many years.

Bach Remedies: Help from Astrology There are well known astrological correlations that can help us to easily figure out our type among the "First Twelve " Bach Flower Remedy/s. Whether or not you 'believe in' astrology is not the issue or important here. If the references help and do clearly check out, use them; if not, ignore them. "Mimulus for Capricorn" helped me, as I had not recognized my pattern of fearfulness before. I have also included key words and clues about each Remedy.

** What's in a name? "Flower Essences" Even though Vibrational Essences are now made from all parts of Nature – not only plants / flowers, also mineral / crystal, animal, place and event – they are usually all simply called "Flower" Essences. Nice and easy. To be more precise and informative, I refer to "Nature" Essences, but that doesn't work on Google. "Flower Remedies", by law in Britain, can only refer to the products that are made strictly according to Dr. Edward Bach's instructions.

All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Flower Essences" and all other Lifepower teaching and recommendations responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT NATURE ESSENCES? I would be glad to hear your comments, questions, and ideas of what you would like to find about Essences on this site.

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