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Some of our Lifepowers – including breath, water, positive mind and nutrition – are very simple and easy. Yet we easily underestimate, overlook and forget them. Neglecting basic health care can lead to a wide range of ill mind, body and relationship symptoms. Renewing our Lifepowers can bring surprising recovery, and gives us balanced means of daily care. Happy Health reminds and instructs "what why how" about basics of health care, and also recommends "simples", including Bach Flower Remedies, herbs, and tissue salts, that are generally safe and easy for anyone to use.


2nd EDITION COOKBOOK "Vegetable Joy: Eating More Vegetable for Health and love of Life"

Happy Health Intro It can be amazing that when we are out of sorts and unwell we often look to very complicated possibilities, including fearing a host of pathological diseases, instead of first checking basic facets of health care that may answer our needs. Here we review basic Lifepowers including breath, water, exercise, food, and positive mind, and have a Health Care Check Chart to help us remember.

About Fats & Oils is an info bit from the 2nd edition of my cookbook, "Vegetable Joy: Eating More Vegetables for Health and Love of Life". I think this is very important information to consider and to pass on to others especially through a time when saturated fats are wrongly labeled as 'bad guys', when in fact research shows that it is the synthesized oil spreads that cause serious health problems. At least for the sake of growing children, please look into the possibility of some fats as a necessary part of a healthy diet.

Breathe Easy reviews the importance of breathing fully and well, and takes us through the steps of full breath, including re-learning the powerful abdominal breathing which is so important to overall good health and body functioning.

Essential Core Care: Breath and Water Bach Flower Remedies led me to learn and teach health care basics, a field of my Lifepower work which I call "Happy Health". I hope you'll find my following basic reminders as helpful as I do! These core care basics help more than the physical body. Followed by reference Notes re Water.

Biochemic Tissue Salts Safe and easy to use. Though not really 'salt', nor food supplements, they treat ailments by correcting deficiencies in the body's cell nutrition, helping the body to restore itself to health. What are "Tissue Salts", and how can we use them efficiently for all the family? Including key-word chart. Sadly, the long-standing production company New Era closed, so I've included notes on suppliers.

Simples! I love to keep 'simples' around the house always for everyday care and first aid. My top tips and info about using easy, safe herbs, and a few other essentials. 2015: Though my love of herbs has expanded to a whole new section with the start of Herb Network, I reckon this is still a worthy introductory article, and it fits well in this field.

All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Happy Health" and all other Lifepower teaching responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.

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