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Welcome to this Relaxation & Meditation field of Lifepower. Meditation has been a constant thread of health and exploration throughout my adult life. I hope my articles, information, and recommendations will support and encourage you to gain the many benefits from these life arts, whether you're new to meditation, or experienced in any form. Also, because I think integration of these and other lifepowers is important, I have created a set of inspiration and practice cards, "Relaxing Into Life".

CLICK ON THE BOLD TITLE TO EXPLORE THESE PAGES. (Note April 2008: I am heads down developing this site - a steep learning curve learning site design skills! - so apologize that not all these pages are yet active. Do contact me if you would like information listed which is not yet up on the site. Thanks for your patience!)

Introducing Lifepower Meditation What I'm talking about, debunking misconceptions, a bit of my-story, and why I'm so passionate about helping others to learn and develop these skills and powers. Simple, practical, suits most anyone, and is easily integrated with every moment of our daily living..

"Meditation Helps" A short reminder article giving any starting (and experienced!) meditator reminders to gain the most benefit from practice sessions and integration of abilities into daily living.

Flower Essences Supporting Mediation No matter how new or experienced we are in our practices of whatever form, Flower Essences can help us. Here' a brief guide on what why and how.

Meeting Monsters and Managing Monkeys We all meet parts of our mind that are less than easy and peaceful, are uncomfortable if not scary; have days when 'inner world' things just won't go as we would wish. Here we take a straight on, non-judgemental look at 'monkeys and monsters', and how we can view and greet them.

Resources for Relaxation & Meditation Details and recommendations of books, CDs, online, and UK Independent TM teachers, for learning, support and inspiration.

All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Relaxation & Meditation" and all other Lifepower teaching and recommendations responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.

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