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Newsletter February 2015
COMING SOON: about the Henb Network. Details of Essences to help us bring liught to the planetary pain body (see thoughts from Eckhart Tolle below).

2010: After twenty-five years of teaching, I am hanging up that hat and putting my flip-chart out to grass and going into teacher's semi-retirement. No longer registered with the BFVEA as a practitioner / tutor means whatever teaching / prescribing I do now are informal, uninsured, by request, and without the burden of compulsive CPDing. If you do want help with some Essences or learning meditation then I am happy to arrange what mutually suits. As ever, if you have questions within any of the fields I have been teaching / writing, please do "Contact".

I have been experiencing a sense of 'bide', one phase over and not knowing what is ahead; and this uneasy free-wheeling often in tandem with an ambience of grief and depression. I reckon neither is solely being aware of my own individual situation or state of mind. The human-centric world cannot continue as it has been, is crumbling, and we do not know what is ahead. This 'future' blindness, or time of 'bide' easily adds to our collective discomfort. As to the collective blues (or 'greys'!), Eckhart Tolle and others talk about the world having built up a subtle but pervasive negative atmosphere from generations of human negativity. Eckhart calls it the global pain body. What is said along these lines makes deep sense to me. Just as we can walk into a house and feel a 'bad atmosphere' from what has transpired in the place, so we can intentionally or unintentionally be aware of / feel the global negative atmosphere. It can be cleared in the same ways as we clear a house, area of land, or individual psyche of the residues of unloving and violent past – by giving love. Thus a lot of my daily meditations these days are turned toward pouring love into the planetary body, letting go any fears I have about Earth's continued well being, including all the precious trees. Heaven help us that we live in interesting times.

However your lives go this year, I hope you will give increasing moments to offering love to Earth and all her life – our daily acts of kindness and gratitude have more power than we have credited – and to remembering that we humans are part of something larger than humanity. And that as we learn to truly and deeply identify with this larger Earth-self (we don't lose our individual self by doing so), the planet shifts and expands its consciousness, and becomes more able, through us, to survive and adapt to present pressures – and perhaps even, most amazingly, to positively evolve into something so wondrous we could not have imagined before. Happy New Year. Happy New Moment.

September 2009 Release of my new cookery book "Vegetable Joy: Eating More Vegetables for Health and Love of Life". Full details on the Vegetable Joy page. I had no idea in Spring 2008 when I made this new Lifepower site that so much would take different turns. Since then I have moved around the corner to a flat I am enjoying very much, a happy place that suits me perfectly. As soon as I 'landed' it was heads down to write and publish "Vegetable Joy" in time for this year's main growing season. I had forgotten the promise I wrote in April 2008 that I would put up some recipes on the web site (see below). Instead I have compiled a whole book. It appears perfectly timely because as it is published, BBC2 TV has begun to air a new series, "Future of Food", which I think is brilliantly presented. The first of the documentary series told about the global crises of 'peak oil' - how our food supply is currently dependent on petroleum oil, which is running out faster than anyone had predicted; about the shortage of water; and about some main effects of global climate change on food supplies. All the issues are included in "Vegetable Joy" as among the many reasons it is vital for us to be eating more fresh, local vegetables. Contact Cynthia if you would like to receive a PDF sample of "Vegetable Joy".

Love and blessings, Cynthia

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