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LIFEPOWER encompasses a wide range of interests including therapies and self-responsible care and development, meditation for cultivation of creative mind, and the international rise of Holism and Earth healing. In this page of Links, I [Cynthia Alves] gratefully acknowledge the many helps and influences along my way, and include contact details so that you too may benefit from these treasures. I hope my short descriptions will do them justice, and give you accurate signposts. IN MY 2008 UPDATE I added a "resource by field" Links Round-up page, for a simple list of references from the pages of each field, plus further links not mentioned elsewhere that I consider worthy of looking into.


This page is my MAJOR HELPERS AND INFLUENCES (*** signifies there is further detail in another page, so rather than duplicate, I link you also to there - blue for external link, green for internal link.)

  • General works of great insight: "Movers and Shakers"
  • Wonderful World of Nature's Essences
  • Relaxation and Meditation: my "prime" acknowledgements and details are already on my Relaxation & Meditation; Resources for Learning and Support page. Hope you enjoy!

General works of great insight: "MOVERS & SHAKERS"

Peter Russell His "The Awakening Earth" ("The Global Brain" in the USA; many international translations) is among the books that really did 'change my life'! His clear and wide vision continues to influence the direction of my and many others' work, life and perception. I hope you visit his inspiring award-winning web site, which offers much insight, including about brain, creativity, consciousness, global spirituality and lots more. My grateful acknowledgement for his support in the development of LIFEPOWER. My references to his work are mainly in the Living Earth Awareness and Meditation fleilds. He also offers excellent online meditation teaching.

"A Course in Miracles", and Attitudinal Healing: Foundation for Inner peace. 'The Course' or ACIM is, I reckon, an especially helpful approach for those whose main faculty is intellect (ref Jungian view on intellect - emotion - kinesthetic - intuitive as prime faculties, basic elements of our perception). ACIM is an in-depth DIY psychotherapy that the mind can really get its teeth into, with its huge Text (took me a year to read!), and 365 day-by-day Lessons. However, for most people I recommend the streams of work that have arisen from ACIM students-become-teachers, including Jerry Jampolsky's branch of Attitudinal Healing (and e.g. now classic," Love is Letting Go of Fear" and "Teach Only Love").
Also, Marianne Williamson - any of her books; Hugh and Gay Prather's work. There is now an international host of others. My guideline is don't believe anyone - test what feels attractive and 'right' for you. Happy surfing and wishing you true inner peace.

William Bloom Several of William's publications have been a tremendous help for me along the way, and I am deeply grateful for his clarity, honesty and encouragement. His treasure trove of publications includes about spirits of life, power of endorphins, "Psychic Protection" and "Feeling Safe", and his extraordinary work "SOULution: The Holistic Manifesto". It is truly 'Living Earth Awareness' in its broad and profound scope! Imagine the bundle of your best thoughts and observations matured over many years, then someone taking them all up, clarifying and better articulating them, and adding many gems not even imagined before, and then ordering and presenting it all impeccably. That comes close to how dear his work of genius is to my heart.

"The Aquarian Conspiracy", by Marilyn Ferguson. "A great shuddering, irrevocable shift is overtaking us. It is not a new political, religious or economic system. It is a new mind - a turnabout in consciousness in critical numbers of individuals, a leaderless network strong enough to bring about radical change; a different kind of society based on a vastly enlarged concept of human potential." What she saw in the 1980's has indeed been unfolding, and her work helped me to foster my own confidence to persevere. Brilliant insight still fresh and relevant!

Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman, a kingpin of Positive Psychology. To give you one glimpse of this tome of empowering wisdom: Be aware of your 'signature strengths', and the importance of exercising them every day. Just as Dr. Bach knew that true healing comes from developing virtues and flooding the person with light, so at last modern psychology regognises and forwards the same principle. Grown from this root is now also a UK network Action for Happiness for learning, support, events, and more - a "movement for positive social change".

"The Hidden Messages in Water" by Masaru Emoto Put simply: mind blowing! We can SEE how our thoughts and quality of environment effect water, which is known to be alive and intelligent and is also 70% of our body. A beautiful read from a wise man who knows that it is love that heals all. And you too can join Earth healing.

Eckhart Tolle The 'Now' man, a master teacher of presence. I had for ages been aware that I was often living my days in order to get them done. Doing things to finish them, to get to the next things to be done. Its like living leaning forward all the time, exhausting and frustrating. There is a passage in A New Earth where he talks about doing things for the sake of doing them, then the finish is a bonus. In the moment of that read, at last, I 'got it'! Though I still forget occasionally, I have never looked back, and the change in my life is immense, a wonderful relief.

Cygnus Book Club This book club, with discounted books, music, film, health supplements and many other beautiful products, arose out of the vision of Geoff Napier, and his wife Anne who has since passed, in the wilds of Wales. Their Review is, more than any other source of informaiton, how I have been able to keep my finger on the pulse of Real changes and developments over many years. They are now a company of folks who really do walk their high integrity talk. Good prices, loving and careful service, a top candidate for The Best Book Club in the World. Its worth checking Cygnus first, and getting whatever from them even if you pay a few pence more than Amazon's cheapest. If you need hard copy of their review do enquire. They have also begun to publish a select few treasures, including:

"The Gentle Art of Blessing", by Pierre Pradervand. This book is a great treasure indeed, and, hand on heart really is another of the works that has helped me to change my life! He is also among the spearheads of the international "Make Poverty History" project, to which proceeds from book sales are donated. "Mystics tell us that behind the veil of material appearance exists an infinite, unconditionally loving principle of benevolence, abundance and peace. Would you like to develop your own awareness of that? An awareness so vivid, so unwavering that you can no longer mistake the veil for the reality? An awareness so penetrating that the laws of Love, with their transforming, healing power, are admitted even into the darkest hell? This, and no less, is the aim of "The Gentle Art of Blessing". Wow.

Dr. Edward Bach The Edward Bach site is, I reckon, an excellent first stop to find out about his work and the continuing research, a beautiful and comprehensive pool of information. Bach's are the most explored Essences, the first in the world - since 1930's! I reckon that even if you never use Bach Remedies, what is written about them gives profound insight about the human mind and our relationship with nature; and the perennial philosophy of Bach's "Heal Thyself" can be as powerful a healer-teacher as the Remedies.


For the majority of people at least in Britain so far, the main doorway into this astounding realm of Nature energies - healing, awakening, supportive for every aspect of life - has been either the Bach Flower Remedies (link as above), or Ian White's Australian Bush Essences. However there are scores of other excellent producers of very high integrity around the world. Vibrational Essences are being made in almost every country now, a wealth of worthy contributions offered to this newest branch of vibrational medicine. The thousands of Essences are not only of the plant realm, also mineral ('gem'), animal and environmental (to name a few, see "Recommended Essence Producers" on my Links Round-up page). Truly a wonderful world of gifts from Nature! Below are notes on influential and worthy works not noted elsewhere.

FOR A VIEW OF ESSENCES IN CONTEMPORARY CONTEXT: "Vibrational Medicine", by Richard Gerber helped me to understand Flower Remedies and all Nature Essences within a larger context. I found it an important step to realize that Essences aren't just another Thing, that they are a branch of the broad vibrational medicine approach to health care and Aquarian Age consciousness.


  • "New Vibrational Flower Essences of Britain and Ireland", Rose Titchiner et al, is a big gold mine of information and contact details.
  • "Compendium of Essences: A Beginner's Guide to the New Essences From Around the World" (Dennis, Harvey & Tadd) Re 19 ranges, colour coded, appendix lists by symptoms & other categories, from International Flower Essence Repertoire, England who mail order many international ranges of Essences.
  • Gurudas' books, including "Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing", and two volumes on Gem Elixirs, have been for many years a starting point and platform of exploration for many producers and practitioners. If you can comfortably, with sensible reservation, dip into channeled material, then these works offer a great wealth of possibility, as well as vast amounts of information. Now out of print and expensive second hand (try USA), its worth scouring libraries for a lending copy.

ESSENCE PRODUCER'S: See my Round up Links page for the recommendations inlcuded on this site, plus others worthy of note.

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