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LIFEPOWER is set out in different fields to help you explore the various areas of my [Cynthia Alves] work: Living Earth Awareness, Flower Essences, Relaxation and Meditation, Happy Health, Herb Network plus general and background information. My main Links page is my grateful acknowledgement to the prime influences of LIFEPOWER. This page is a section-by-section round-up of my references and recommendations throughout my site, plus worthy notables not mentioned elsewhere.


BACH FLOWER REMEDIES AND NATURE VIBRATIONAL ESSENCES The main pages for details of the below are Flower Essences for Children / Essences to Support Meditation / Essences for Health Care professionals

(BFR = UK producers of Bach Flower Remedies)

Ainsworths (BFR)

Alaskan Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences

BAFEP British Association of Flower Essence Producers

Dr. Edward Bach A superb site of information and research. Also here is an online version of the book of his philosophy which is the foundation for his Remedies work: "Heal Thyself".

Bailey Flower Essences (also BFR)

BFVEA British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association

Crystal Herbs

Dancing Light Orchid Essences

FES USA company Flower Essence Society offering a huge range of excellent Essences

FES Society for membership, research etc in the USA

Findhorn Essences


Green Man Sue and Simon Lilly are astonishing for the breadth and depth of wisdom and vision of their pioneering work, including with trees, and the extraordinary range of their many different Essences and other products. They are also top UK teachers.

Healing Herbs (BFR) are not only a great champion of sustaining the simplicity and purity of Bach Remedies, also offer a great range of other products including superb books and audio-visual aids.

Himalayan Flower Enhancers

Indigo Essences

Living Tree Orchid Essences And LTO Cards for his exquisitely beautiful and captivating images of his orchids

Pacific Essences

Perelandra, founded by major researcher Machaelle Small-Wright, among the truly great pioneers.

Sun Essences (BFR), and have also made formulas to help animals.

Wild Earth Animal Essences

Wildflower Essences

RELAXATION & MEDITATION See Relaxation & Meditation Resources for details

A Course in Miracles

Barefoot Doctor

Barnes, Martina Glasscock, author of The Meditation Doctor

Manning, Matthew

Russell, Peter Link to his meditation section. See also Books: The TM Technique (about more than Transcendental Meditation)

Selby, John: "Seven Masters, One Path" and other works.

Tao of Books (Discount mail order bookseller UK based)

Tolle, Eckhart The "Now" master teacher.

Transcendental Meditation UK independent Teachers

Williamson, Marianne Teacher of A Course in Miracles, par excellence!


Baldwins The rightly world-renowned supplier of all things herbal.

Bloom, William His work for me has touched all areas, so pick your field.

College of Practitioners of Professional Phytotherapists (Medical Herbalists)

Hendricks, Gay and Kathlyn Among their many superb publications is one of the best I know about cultivating healthy relationships, including with oneself: "Conscious Loving: The Journey of Co-Commitment". Also lots of great "free stuff" on their site.

Herbs Hands Healing Supplier and tuition

Foundation for Inner Peace Home base for A Course in Miracles. And if you are a too-serious student of the Course (as I tended to be...), then I highly recommend "A Course in Marigolds" from the Foundation for Dinner Peas (by Stillman). Laughs: such great treasure!

Garden Organic Yes, well, about Organic Gardening! They have projects all around the world worth supporting, so this is not just for UK readers!

Jampolsky, Jerry Founder of Attitudinal Healing Institutes, author of several books, my favourite being "Love is Letting Go of Fear"

National Institute of Medical Herbalists



LIVING EARTH AWARENESS I will be adding lots more links here - I hope! For now, my two main influences for this core concept and field:

Bloom, William

Russell, Peter


Cygnus Book Club For inspiration and information on all Lifepowers!

Burrowhayes Camping and Caravan site, Porlock, UK (horse riding too.)

Findhorn Foundation Extraordinary community in Scotland, with conference and teaching programmes.

Garden Organic Yes, well, about Organic Gardening! They have projects all around the world worth supporting, so this is not just for UK readers! So good I've named them twice.

Porlock Visitors Centre

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