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"Living Earth Awareness" holds a great key to how we, humanity, may shift from behaving as a planetary cancer to becoming a global force of healing and renewal, maturing into true stewardship of a living planet. This embracing, healing concept has grown out of my life changing read of Peter Russell's "The Awakening Earth (The Global Brain)" over twenty years ago, along with my years of work with Nature Essences, meditation, and organic gardening.

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Introducing Living Earth Awareness What does this mean, and why is it vital to our world-in-crisis? It is time to grow beyond our damaging idea of Earth as a 'resource thing' to recognizing, and knowing that this planet which gives us our life is herself a living being. As we begin to live this awareness, we also begin to give life back to Earth.

Earth Stands Up and Walks! Take a Big view of our life as Earth's. What we believe we are makes the world of difference in how we treat Earth – as spoilers and killers, or as carers for the planet that is our life. Humanity? Perhaps we're Earth's way of knowing herself, and the stars' way of looking at the stars.

Ceasing War on Life "Clean" doesn't have to mean kill kill kill. Peace on Earth must include peace with Earth.

Cleaning Up Cleaning: Let's Live For Life Introducing clean cleaning as a vital part of becoming agents for the healthy care of a living planet.

Modern Cleaning Products: Who's Fooling Who? Do you really know what cleaning stuff is good for you – or not? And fit for everyone and everything else? What's at stake in our choices? And are we being fooled big time – at our peril and Earth's?

February 2015 This subject is the ambience for all my Lifepower pouring-out, a subject as huge as... So I get big ideas of how to present such a vast subject. It is somewhat encouraging to read in HRH Prince of Wales' incredible book "Harmony, New Way of Lookingat Our World" how great a challenge it had been for him over many years to present the same concept from his point of view. Helps me to appreciate my humble efforts better. And although some projects I've had in mind haven't (yet) materialised, the root has sprouted a surprising new branch, the vision of Herb Networks. I wish you wonderful awakening.

Peace is not something we can make – at best, 'effort' results in a superficial truce. Peace is inherent in the truth of what we are, and of all creation, so we can come to know and feel it, live it in action, and radiate it into the world. Now is the time not only for humanity to learn to choose peace, also for us to live in peace with the planet that gives us our life.


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