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What does "Living Earth Awareness" mean, and why is it vital to our world-in-crisis? How life's synergy works is one key answer. It is time to grow beyond our sense of separateness from life, and our damaging idea of Earth as a 'resource thing', into recognizing, and knowing that this planet which gives us our life is herself a living being, of which we are a part. As we begin to live this awareness, we also begin to give life back to Earth.

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"In The Global Brain Awakens Peter Russell shows that humanity has reached a crossroads in its evolutionary path. [Our expanding communications] technology, combined with a the rapidly growing human potential movement, is helping to create a collective consciousness that is humanity's only hope of saving it from itself. However, Russell warns if we continue on our current path of greed and destruction, humanity will serve only as a planetary cancer."

When I first heard the ideas of the book "The Awakening Earth" (a/k/a/ "The Global Brain"), at a talk given by its author Peter Russell, it was so extraordinary, fascinating and amazing that I felt it in my body. Like the ringing of an enormous bell, its 'voice' resonating right into the body and the sound going on and on. I knew that I had just heard something huge and so vastly important that it would change my life, and resonate through the years. It has, and I have also had the privilege of witnessing how it has inspired and changed others' lives too.

Far beyond a novelty, an idea of fascination and interest to a few, this knowing, this connective experience of unity with a living Earth is vital to overcoming our – humanity's – brutal and damaging and life-threatening treatment of the planet.
Living Earth Awareness is my exploration of various means to overcome our ignorance and to develop our awareness, including of the Lifepowers I present in other fields of this web site. Living Earth Awareness is how we, humanity, may shift from behaving as a planetary cancer to becoming a global force of healing and renewal, maturing into true stewardship.
Learning about life's function of synergy** gave me a great key to understanding why our sense of either separation or of unity is so vital to humanity's and Earth's life.

** This link is to Peter Russell's web site, directly to his extract about "Synergy" from his book "The Global Brian, The Awakening Earth". I hope you will have a read. And you can send the page to a friend! I find it an incredible eye- and heart-opener. Most briefly, synergy is how life works; low synergy = life not working well or at all. Much more than 'greater than the sum of its parts'!

For me, Living Earth Awareness gives rich meaning and power to other aspects of Lifepower. When motivation for care and love arises from a wider sense of life than 'me' or 'my family' or even 'humanity', the power of our caring, loving and living magnifies and ripples far outward from our personal, human circle.

Exercising the wider sense of Living Earth helps me individually. For example, dedicating meditation to the care of a life greater than mine, the meditation, well, works better is the closest I can describe. Until I remember and link in with 'greater life', my practice seems flat and dull, like its batteries have run down.

With Living Earth Awareness, Flower Essences shifts from 'stuff' to life helping me help the rest of life. I experience a more clear communication with them, and so also effectiveness, as I recall the aliveness of Flower Essences. Gratitude for Nature's gifts flows more easily and wonderfully.

Bringing the awareness of living life into any and every moment of my day enlivens even what otherwise would be Chore. Feeling the aliveness of my garden, and of the places I clean, brings mundane tasks alive, energizes me and helps me to give my best. I feel more satisfaction acting with this expanded awareness, and that I am giving and sharing more.

The concept itself, "Living Earth Awareness", is the root for a series of books I am writing to help us bring lifepowers into every arena of life and help anyone on their life journey, so that our being – that is, not by having to try harder, do more, achieve – rather simply by discovering and being more of what we truly are, we become aware and truly live, which includes in full awareness of Earth life.

As I recall that my body is Earth's, giving attention to my health feels easier and supported by knowing that as I do so, I am looking after Earth too.

Cynthia Alves, copyright 2008

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