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Meditation is proving to help us cultivate an increasingly important range of skills in our troubled world. Whether for relaxation and de-stress, general health care, learning to use the mind creatively and develop inner peace and balance and insight, as prayer and benefit to the world, or whatever purpose, Flower Remedies and other Nature's Vibrational Essences can support all forms of meditation.

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Flower Essences, including the best known "Bach Flower Remedies" are simple and safe preparations of the living energies of nature: plant, animal, mineral and 'environmental'. They are held in water, and preserved, usually in brandy. They contain no physical matter, rather the energy, spirit or individual life force pattern. There are many Essences which can be used to address general issues of meditation practices, including for specific skills (e.g. visualization, chanting / sound, breath). Most important are Essences which relate to your individual nature and needs. Essences are very easy to use: perhaps on pulses, in a glass of water or drink bottle, spray for around self and meditation area, on chakra areas, and many more ways.

Central to most kinds of meditation are the foundational skills of focus, presence, non-judgemental observation, ability to allow the mind to quieten, ability to relax and let go / surrender, and compassion. In considering what might support the development of your skills and abilities, and enhance meditation practices generally, it is also helpful to remember the wider picture of integration.

Meditation is far more than a means in and for itself. We meditate to bring the qualities, insights and expanded states of consciousness into the attitudes we act from, the fruits of our practices into every moment of daily living, relationships, work, rest and play. So, as well as using Essences for whatever aspect of meditation I would like help and support with, I also use them for developing the qualities and skills I would like to experience in my moment-to-moment daily living.

Nature provides for all our needs, including our relationship with Soul, development of positive qualities, virtues, and expansion of consciousness which releases us from suffering. My following list offers a brief glimpse of some common issues of meditation that Flower Essences can help with. Its also illuminating to read through producer's Essence descriptions, which give further ideas on what is possible in meditation and general mind care.

While some ranges of Flower Essences are available in shops, the vast majority are sold by mail order. Good umbrella sites are: BAFEP for the British producers' Association; IFER (details below) for a European distributor of internal producers, and UK based Essence World for a wide selection plus lots of information. If you would like an Essence Practitioner to assist you, in the UK BFVEA lists registered British practitioners. In the USA, the Flower Essence Society FES produces Essences, and the FES Society, their researach, educaiton and members wing, teaches to a very high standard. There is also an excellent book reference that I highly recommend, Clare Harvey's "The New Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies: A Practical Guide to Making and Using Flower Remedies" (2007 - but do get the earlier edition if you can find it, as it opens propoerly).

I have listed the following recommendations from among hundreds because I am well familiar with and trust the producers and distributor. There are masses more I would not hesitate to recommend, but the purpose of this article is a brief introduction to glimpse the range of what is possible. (bracketed words / initials) after the names refer to the producer or set.

  • I have particularly recommended (GM) Green Man Essences because the producers have rich experience in meditation arts.
  • (BFR) Bach Flower Remedies While most any of the Bach range may be a help at different times and for different people, I have highlighted a few I have found particularly relevant. The web link is to Healing Herbs. (Sadly, I cannot recommend "Bach Flower Remedies" brand.)
  • (BE) Bailey Essences Dr.Arthur Bailey is among the best known and longest established producers in the world. (and see re his Meditation Spray below) Although he has now passed on, his work continues to light the world.
  • (CH) Crystal Herbs range is vast and of the highest standard.
  • (GD) Grassdancer Essences simply speak for themselves of Elly's profound insight.
  • My mark *** is for those available from the UK distributor International Flower Essence Repertoire (IFER). They are currently working on their new web site for online info and sales. For now, please contact them by phone Tel 01583 505385, or post / land mail at Achamore House, Isle Of Gigha, Argyll PQ41 7AD, Scotland UK. They also host courses with top international producers, and international gatherings / conferences on the exceptionally beautiful island.. Elsewhere, Alaskan Essences are available directly.


ACCEPTANCE *** (see below with dancing light orchid's Meditative Mind)

CASSANDRA ***(Alaskan) For difficulty shifting attention and perspective from outer to inner world; when unable to relax into meditative state, deep meditation.

CELLULAR REKINDLER (GM) Combination to activate and balance very deep energies in the body. There are said to be forty three electromagnetic circuits that circulate deep in the body tissue. May help where there is chronic fatigue, posture problems, debility and nervous difficulties.

CLEMATIS (BFR) Aids presence.

COLEUS (GM) Helping to establish meditative states, and accept the underlying Emptiness behind Form; to relax personal masks. Quietness and flow of energy that links to universal patterns.

COMFREY (CH) “For mending”. Assists process by which higher levels of consciousness, spiritual understanding and purified vibration of mental body is allowed penetration into other areas. A healthy nervous system is important to many forms meditation, easier to relax.

COSMIC PORTAL (GD) Clarity comes through meditation, deep stillness and quietness only. By taking the quiet time needed to go deeply into your core, profound transformations will occur gracefully and gently. Each time you come back from your deep meditation you will be transformed. Resisting meditation or quiet time will cause problems on all levels. The call now is for all Lightworkers to link in to their inner guidance at a much deeper level. The truth can only come from there.

COSMIC UNION (GD) For the heart chakra. It opens up and expands the heart centre, flooding it with light, connecting you with the Divine Source and the higher realms. Good for healers and therapists or those who spend time in other states of consciousness, as it assists you in remaining in your heart centre and, most importantly, helping you to ground these energies so that they can be used for the highest good of all concerned.

DAFFODIL (GM) Aligns mental body with Higher Self. Useful in deep meditation techniques and for listening to guides or the Self, and deepening daily practice.

HOLLY (BFR) Helps bring about an appropriate shift when hot passions, such as anger or jealousy, have got us gripped in their story and 'righteousness'.

IMPATIENS (BFR) Supports cultivation of patience.

LIME TREE (GM) ‘Development’ Shifting levels of consciousness without disorientation. Calms anxiety where related to practical use of one’s psychic and healing potential.

LOTUS (BE) This plant is a magnificent master among healer plants. Symbol of enlightenment, general tonic and cleanser for entire system; activates crown chakra, enhances all forms of healing; acts as booster for all vibrational essences.

MARSH GENTIAN (GM) Communication with the deepest and most healing levels of the self. The brow chakra is brought to a clearer perception of reality, purified of doubts, and enabled to find quieter, deeper levels during meditation; the mind is able to go beyond apparent darkness to see the underlying unity and love of creation.

MEDITATIVE MIND *** (Dancing Light Orchid Essences (DLO) "How do I learn how to meditate? A quiet mind is like an unusual day of calm flat on the ocean, no waves, just glassy smooth water. A quiet mind is a gateway to pass through. This essence assists you in diving into the deeper levels of the mind to explore self in deeper meditative states, where the true treasures of life reside." (Shabd-sangeet Khalsa, based in the USA and teacher of the UK Living Tree Orchid Essences,, was the first Essence developer to establish a deep relationship with orchid life. I would like to say so much about these extraordinary plants, alas, now is not the place, so I will refer you to Dancing Light Orchid site.) And also, from her profound clarity and understanding

ACCEPTANCE *** (DLO) Accept what is. If you are not accepting 'what is' in the present moment, you are resisting. Resistance does not change the present or past, but instead blocks the flow of your life. The gentle vibration of flowers can help you 'just be'. Allowing 'what is' creates acceptance.
To create change, accept things for what they are as a first step: then you will know what is real, avoiding illusion and delusion. From there you can make choices and take action according to what is. Acceptance requires pause in action. The essence holds the energy to pause. In the pause, see 'what is'. In the pause accept 'what is'. You will find yourself in a pool of awareness and of acceptance. Pause in this.

OPIUM POPPY (Alaskan) For addiction to evolution; deep exhaustion; difficult to understand and integrate lessons and experiences. Helps find balance between activity and rest, doing and being.

RUTILATED QUARTZ *** (Alaskan Gem) Promotes precision alignment with higher sources of energy and information; helps one develop the ability to access, focus, synthesize and express information from other dimensions. Especially helpful when there is distortion, confusion, lack of focus and clarity during meditation or attunement; overwhelmed by energy and information from nonphysical sources.

SPIRITUAL POTENTIAL (GD) Suitable for those starting out on their Spiritual Journey, it facilitates the gentle opening of the crown chakra, strengthening and developing the link to the Spiritual Realm. All too often newcomers try to open up too quickly and too fully before they have built a firm foundation for themselves. This essence ensures that the bud develops at the right time, in the right way. Also helpful for those who may have lost their way or direction, or who feel disconnected from their spiritual link. Gently guides them back to knowing that their link with the spiritual realm remains unbroken and is always there for them. This essence is useful for those leading / facilitating meditation and self development groups, to give to their students / attendees.

STAGS HORN SUMACH (GM) Brow chakra energized, flow of information. Balances energies for meditation. Stills mental and emotional processes while allowing clear, deep level intuition and communication.

WHITEBEAM (GM) "Otherworld" Stimulates finer levels of perception. Understanding of the animal and plant kingdoms. Opens heart and mind to finer levels of creation.

WHITE CHESTNUT (BFR) Circling thoughts leading nowhere.

WILD TOBACCO (GM) An increase of self confidence and assertiveness. Practical problem solving and goal defining. Better contact with hidden, core aspects of the Self, releasing a resource of energy with great healing potential. Spiritual awareness heightened.

As well as browsing any of the above producers' collections generally, I think the following sets are also worth looking through for the "Oh that's what would help me!" connection.

Living Tree Orchid Essences not the least for the uplifting beautiful orchid portraits! I say do both: take the Essence and comtemplate the pictures.

Sun Essence's "Be Blends". This producer goes straight to the heart. Click on my link to her home page (and pause to take in her range, including one of the rare women producers of Bach Flower Remedies!), then click her page link to the Be Blends.

I'm also recommending these combinations of note.

The Bailey Meditation Spray (BE - and go to the Sprays section), with Flower Essences: Apricot Poppy (Taps into our hidden wisdom encouraging us to embrace change with joy); Almond (The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.); Fuji Cherry (Helps us to relax and take life less seriously. The key essence for personal tranquility); Solomon’s Seal (For the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment); Speedwell (Increases powers of insights, whilst preventing us from becoming emotionally entangled with what we perceive); White Lotus (For bringing peace and unification to body, mind, spirit and soul.) And Essential Oils Frankincense and Cedar wood.

Clear Light, and the Sacred Space Spray, from Findhorn Flower Essences, full details on their web site (follow their link to Combination Essences, and you'll see the sprays to click on). They also issue a regular newsletter available online, "Elixir Energy". I'd love to say much moe about Fndhorn Essences, and willl when I can.

Enhancing Meditation (CH) Learning to go within and connect with our Higher Self is an essential part of our journey of transformation offering us the opportunity to reconnect with our own innate wisdom and wholeness and to re-member who we truly are. Take this combination to deepen your experience in meditation and to help bring a greater sense of centredness and alignment with your Higher Self. Combination of:- Lotus, Chamomile, Daffodil & Sapphire.

THE BOTTOM LINE Whether 'meditation' for you is a formal practice, or something that simply arises as part of your living; whether you are a beginner or have lifelong experience, the Essences of nature will have some gift to offer you to assist your evolution and balance. I am sure that nature is overjoyed with any human intention and attention to knowing and living life's unity.

Article and compilation by Cynthia Alves, copyright 2005 / 2008 Cynthia teaches Relaxation & Meditation , and Flower Remedies & Nature Essences, and offers Consultations. (in person; and for distant services via post / mail, go to Essences By Post)

FROM BOTTOM TO TOP we are supported at every step!

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