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Biochemic Tissue Salts

Biochemic Tissue Salts, safe to use, were formulated by Dr. Schüessler early in the 20th century. They are based upon the most common mineral tissue salts found in the human body and critical for health maintenance, and treat ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies in the body's cell nutrition, thus helping the body to restore itself to health.


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I love these things! They are realtively inexpensive and easy to get and use, safe; above all they work, and for a wide range of complaints. When they aren't working tells me (assuming I'm taking them 'right') that I need to check out other health care possibilities. So I am eager to share information about these great things for all the family, from babies to elders. They can be taken with other medications. (And there is probably information for using with animals).

Choose by symptom to care for the 'body garden'. While Dr. Bach's Flower Remedy system is based on the idea, "Treat the person, not the disease; the cause not the symptom", Dr. Schüessler's Tissue Salts seem to be the other way around: notice and respond to the symptom. Yet this doesn't necessarily mean that we are treating the symptoms, rather that the symptoms may be indicating particular deficiencies.

The way Dr. S. put it is that plants are healthy when there is good nutrition in the soil. Our blood is like the soil, our bodies similar to plants (made of water and minerals, and other fundamental similarities). The symptoms we experience indicate which minerals or 'salts' our body is needing. ('Salt' not as in 'sodium' or refined table salt, but mineral compounds.) Mostly they refer to physical symptoms, but not only. For instance, try Kali Phos for depression or Cal Phos when feeling low. Sometimes I find almost instant relief. Other times it is clear that I need to use them over time, especially when chronic conditions are involved.

Once I found that they worked, to my amazement, it was my love of organic gardening that kept me learning more about them. One early example is that I had always assumed that my feet ached because I was overweight and on my feet lots. To find relief from taking a few little sugar tablets made me start asking questions. And years later I still take the tabs when my feet start to ache, and they still bring relief. Happy feet!

Twelve Tissue Salts Dr. Schüessler identified twelve basic mineral salts that are essential to the workings of the human body, including types of calcium, phosphate, iron, sulphur, each helping the body in particular functions such as water balance, cleansing, and for nerve, blood, bone and tissue health. Physical symptoms points toward the salts the body is needing. Simple daily maladies like sniffly nose, headaches, tiredness and exhaustion, acid stomach, brittle nails and so on are common indications. Important to remember that tissue salts aren't about treating diseases, rather that symptoms can indicate what the body is lacking, and when it is supplied, the symptom may be relieved. I've included a quick reference chart below.

Non-physical preparation, safe to use. I think the most weird and impressive thing about them is that they are harmless. This is because we aren't taking the mineral as a physical substance – like we do when taking mineral supplements. With supplements we can indeed overdose and make imbalances in the body. Not so with Tissue Salts.

They are homeopathically prepared, so they are 'vibrational' and not physical. But they are not homeopathic in the way of 'like treating like', which can easily bring out the same symptom. The body self regulates with them, using what it needs, and in balance. I don't pretend to understand how the body can actually benefit from minerals in subtle, non-physical form. What I do know for myself is that they work, and having used them for over twenty years I find they repeatedly work. Including as a preventative measure. Take the tabs at first sign of symptom and often no further 'condition' develops.

Making the best of Combinations When New Era produced the twelve salts they also made Combinations – from 'A' to 'S' – each named by common symptoms such as nervous and migraine headaches, backache, coughs and colds, brittle nails, menstrual pain and so on. Each has usually three to five of the twelve salts. The body will use what it needs from any combination. While the combination symptom name and key words can be really helpful, I have found it is even more efficient to remember that each of the combinations addresses a lot more symptoms than the combination name lists. So its clever (and cheaper!) to know what each of the salts is for so you can use that combination for more than it says on the label. See the Chart LINK at the end of this page.

Also, instead of having to keep many or all of the twelve in the medicine cabinet (or kitchen cupboard...) for the whole range of day to day first aid and common maladies, I found that buying just four of the combinations will mean all twelve Tissue Salts are at hand. You do need to know which is for what because, again, each of the Combos will be for much more than the label indicates. The four are: D, F, M, and R. NOTE: The Dr. Reckeweg combinations imported from Germany are different formulas.

The symptom message I think its wise, especially if a symptom happens regularly, to use that message not just to knock back some more tabs, but like warning lights that there is some life style or ill condition that is needing attention. For instance, if you keep needing water balance tissue salts, then look to your salt, water and protein intake. A change of diet may be called for – which may turn out to be very enjoyable and easy! Or, if the oxygen symptoms are bothering you, check breathing. Are you breathing fully, need to re-learn abdominal breathing? If what your body is needing is physical mineral supplement, then take them.

RE 'BRAND' New Era had been producing tissue salts since Dr. Schüessler's time, the twelve basic, and a range of combinations, and it was theirs I generally recommended – inexpensive and easy to find. Since they closed down there are some other good producers, but do take care. If you find other 'tissue salts' be sure you are getting a bona fide product, and that it is not e.g. really a physical mineral supplement, and that they are made according to Dr. Schüesslers instructions. The Dr. Reckeweg ptreparations from Germany have been long established and well respected. However, they developed different sets of combinations. Having become accustomed to the New Era combinations I was glad to find a homeopathic producer who make them. I am pleased to say I can reccomend them: http://www.homeoforce.co.uk However although they still use the same letters for the combinations, they are not lawfully allowed to put the 'symptom name' as that would constitute a 'claim'. So for historical interest I have listed information below from an old New Era booklet, and hope this helps you to more easily find Tissue Salts appropriate for oyu.

CHART OF THE TWELVE TISSUE SALTS, KEYWORDS I haven't yet figured out how to make a formatting table stay put within my template grid-based pages, so have made the table on a separate page. As ever, click on the link. Hope you enjoy!

COMBINATIONS THAT WERE DEVELOPED BY NEW ERA, THE COMPANY FIRST LICENSED IN THE UK TO PRODUCE DR. SCHUESSLER'S TISSUE SALTS. Details about their combinations follow, from their information booklet, listing some the general symptoms meant to indicate which combination would be appropriate.
A. Sciatica. B. Edginess, Convalescence. C. Acidity, heartburn, dyspepsia. D. Minor skin ailments. E.Flatulence, colicky pains, indigestion. F. Nervous and migraine headaches. G. Backache, lumbago. H. Hay-fever, allergic rhinitis. I. Fibrositis, muscular pain.
J. Coughs, colds, chestiness. K. Brittle nails. L. Sedentary lifestyle. M. Rheumatic pain. N. Menstrual pain. P. Aching feet and legs. Q. Catarrh, sinus disorders. R. Infants tetching pains. S. Stomach upsets, billiousness, sick headaches.

PLEASE NOTE If symptoms persist or if the condition is cause for concern, consult your doctor or Medical Herbalist. Tissue Salts are not intended to replace appropriate medical care. All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Happy Health" and all other Lifepower teaching responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.


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