Happy Health

Introducing "Happy Health"

I [Cynthia Alves] reckon I have treasures to share! In this Lifepower field, I gather up and offer info, tips and recommendations about what I've found consistently helpful over many years for my health and sanity. Please see my 'bottom line' note about responsibility. Sometimes, no matter what other help or treatment is appropriate, we would do well to remember and check out aspects of health care basics.

I am attracted to and value what is simple, harmless, easy and inexpensive; and what is generally relevant for most anyone no matter what your age, culture, circumstance. I also look especially for what supports rather than interferes, so most of what I recommend is usually OK with any other form of care or treatment you are receiving. In a way, this whole site is about 'happy health', for us and our planet.

About thirty years ago a 'chance' encounter began my journey with the Bach Flower Remedies. I was so impressed and excited that I began in the mid 1980's to help others to learn about them. I confess to a tendency to take up new things as the latest be-all and end-all. Naturally I began to realise that Bach Flower Remedies couldn't do everything for us!
In my classes, important questions arose about 'Why aren't the Flower Remedies working?" That, together with 'what Flower Remedies can't do for us,' plus my naturally enquiring mind's interest in natural health aids - all this together led to the building of a repertoire I came to teach as "Happy Health".

Because the human mind tends to look for complicated answers, I've included here the list I set up with my students to help us remember the more basic factors of health. I think this is very important because lots of us very easily forget these contributors to health, and go looking for complicated, expensive answers and treatments without having considered the 'first bases'. Rather than add in lots of comments, I'll leave it as a list to jog your own observations and motivations. As you will see, some Lifepower pages do go into some of the 'factors of health' in detail.

Here is a check list to help us exercise awareness that there are many factors of health, and to notice where we need to direct attention and energy. What we refer to as 'elements' – in the West, air, earth, fire and water, are the most fundamental survival needs. I have therefore highlighted them. Remember they are in many forms, e.g. in the winter I don't go outside so much, instead have fire indoors. It is so important to my well being, and a power that the majority of humanity has forgotten (thanks to Ray Mears for helping us to regain it!), that I look forward to writing a page about it.

If you find that any of the following basic factors of health are neglected in your life at present, I suggest that first you give a quiet time to asking within yourself for help and guidance to redress your balance.
(Sorry I'm a novice at web page formatting. I hope this simple list will help.)

  • Breath / AIR
  • Light / sunshine / FIRE
  • Food / nutrients / EARTH
  • attitudes
  • emotions
  • exercise
  • friendship / relationships
  • housing condition
  • laughter
  • money and other forms of energy exchange
  • touch
  • sleep
  • OTHER/S?

"Chew you drink, and drink your food!"

PLEASE RESPONSIBLY NOTE: Most of us need some kind of help with our health sometime. If you (and those you are caring for) are experiencing frailty, life-threatening illness or condition, please consider all the Lifepower information in the spirit that it is offered. What I offer here and on other pages is meant to support, encourage and enable our abilities to care for ourselves. It is never meant to replace or over-ride the help and care we are responsible for receiving from professional medical people and agencies.


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