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Essential Core Care:
Breath and Water

Bach Flower Remedies led me to learn and teach health care basics, a field of my Lifepower work which I call "Happy Health". I hope you'll find my following basic reminders as helpful as I do! These core care basics help more than the physical body. Followed by reference Notes re Water

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Through my years of teaching work with the Bach Flower Remedies, there has always been the question, “if they’re not working, why not?” This also led to, “What the Bach Flower Remedies can’t do for us”, which evolved into a range of study and information I call "Happy Health", and my interest in what I call health care basics. My interests are coloured not the least by years of relative poverty, with a need to develop health maintenance means that are free or very inexpensive. (One of the many attractions to Vibrational Essences!)

Core care pointers First, the awesome importance and power of breath and water. In that order, these are the most basic needs of our life. My Happy Health work then goes on to also consider how and what we eat, fresh air and sunshine, exercise and stretching; and some simple, safe, easy to use means for health maintenance (e.g. Biochemic Tissue Salts, herb teas).

The human mind has an incredible tendency to look for complexities, and finds it surprisingly hard to grasp the simple. This tendency so easily leads us to try out a vast array of possibilities for healing and health care, yet utterly forget the most fundamental needs and simple answers so close to us.

My first aim of this piece then is to remind us of the importance of checking out what’s going on with the most basic needs of our life.

Am I breathing shallowly, or even holding my breath often? Breathing evenly? Do I make a point (especially if I smoke or live in a very polluted area) of exhaling fully, really totally at least once each day? We can also use breath as a healing and evolutionary tool in itself. Yet whoa, once again, first check out the mundane daily, moment to moment act and quality of breath. (Click the 'breath' link to go to my article and instructions on breathing.)

Check the level and quality of water – Yes, just water 'straight' without tea, or other flavourings. There is recently a lot of media stuff about drinking more water, so rather than enter debates, I will just refer you onto my favourite teachers about water and its quality (see notes at end).

Considering how vital these two aspects of care are to our health, its amazing that so many people probably see to their car's petrol and water more often than remembering to breathe and drink well.

It is well worthwhile to become increasingly aware and knowledgeable of the symptoms of inadequate breathing and water drinking. These can include anxiety, general tiredness, weakness and exhaustion, constipation and other digestive system ills, muddle mindedness with an inability to concentrate, lack of circulation, sometimes even depression.

Basic care cares for more than physical Breath and water basics are required for more than the physical body. We also need the fire of breath and the flow of water for emotion to move, to help wash and breath away waste not only physical, also of old patterns of emotion, thought, behaviour and so on.

So especially if you find the Flower Remedies and Nature Essences you are using aren’t working as you would expect, simplify the mind, go back to basics and make sure that the most fundamental needs of life are well provided and maintained - and at best also developed as we mature. If the basic care needs are particularly emotional and attitudinal you can also use Bach's and other Vibrational Essences for your care. See also my Introduction to Happy Health for a health basics check list.

NOTES on WATER, a few points about a vast subject.
Quality of water is about much more than whether its clean or has added chemicals. The more sensitive we become, the more important subtle qualities becomes. Vibrational Essences are made in and carried by water, so issues of quality especially important. Until I have written a more detailed page about water, I recommend:

Dr. Batmanghelidj's "The Many Cries for Water" and "Water and Salt. Your Healers from Within"

Masuro Emoto's exploration into water as a living substance, responsive to human thought and feelings, and which can be healed by our loving intention.

Centre for Implosion Research has continued along the lines of Shauberger's research, including producing devices that re-vitalize water that has been subjected to unnatural flow (e.g. in straight lines, whereas it normal flows in spirals). The 'harmonizers' also support other aspects of health because our bodies are so much water.

Dr. Pierre Pallardy's "Gut Instinct" confirms and gives very practical advice on the importance of water and breath for health (available at least in French and English).

"The Spirit of Trees: Science, Symboisis and Inspiration", Fred Hageneder's fascinating and uplifting book, includes a chapter on water to amaze. The relationship between trees and water... and more. His projects are well worth supporting.

All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Happy Health" and all other Lifepower teaching responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.

Cynthia Alves, copyright, 2008

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