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This list for students and users of Bach Flower Remedies is Cynthia Alves' recommendations of books and online information (with links to where to find / buy), including general practicalities, choosing aids, training opportunities, and about producers of bona fide Bach Remedies. It includes what I have found to be useful and enduring over many years.

"Which" Bach Flower Remedy sets and single stock bottles / Books ( Step One's, Medium Weight, and the 'Rolls Royce's of publications) / Other Learning and Choosing Aids / Training

My criteria for this list is firstly works and aids I have seen and used myself. I have looked through many newer works. Most recent publications repeat insights that are already well expressed in previous publications, and sometimes make them more complicated. Or, gloss over and miss the psycho-spiritual mark entirely, 'dumbing them down' to mere emotional and mental fixers. Some 'new' approaches may be interesting, and helpful for some, yet have strayed from Dr. Bach's original intent of simplicity, and 'take no notice of the disease'. I have focused this list on those that teach and promote the classic Bach Flower Remedy approach and understanding.

WHICH BACH FLOWER REMEDIES? British Producers of bona fide products

There are now many producers and brands of the Bach Flower Remedies. Sadly, the 'original' Bach Flower Remedies (Nelsons' brand) are no longer 'proper' Bach Remedies, and also they are made up and sold as highly diluted 'dose' rather than 'stock' bottles. There may also be cottage industry products, often sold locally, which are not the 'real thing'. Without knowledge, information and sensitivity, few can tell if the bottle of brandy is actually "Bach Flower Remedy". There is a quality of living vibration that the water holds only when they are made, from start to stock bottle, as Bach taught. Or, we could say, the flowers don't play if we don't set up the game properly; the music doesn't sing if the instruments aren't up to scratch. . .

For Bach Flower Remedies, I think it important to use sets produced in Britain, because of the energy quality of the country (refer to Alice Bailey's classic work on planetary chakras, and Britain as the 'heart chakra' of Earth). Flower Essences made from the same plants elsewhere will have their own distinct and different contribution.

The following producers are those I can recommend as certainly making the Remedies properly, including with intent of highest integrity, from start to finish, as Dr. Bach instructed.

If you are buying online, with all respect to the various distributors doing their best, I suggest you buy straight from the producers. If nothing else, this avoids unnecessary travel miles.


KEYS Main content: CGB = general background; CFD = Flower Remedy descriptions;
CC&U = Practical: Remedy info, and choosing & using; CPP = principles, philosophy
Available from: AHH = Healing Herbs Ltd.; AEB = online download from, via the Research section
AGO = Generally available online

'Step one' references, good beginners' starters, and quick checks for experienced:

The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies, Dr. Edward Bach. This is it from the horses mouth, and though in somewhat antiquated language. It is always worth returning to again and again. CFD, CC&U, AEB

Heal Thyself, An explanation of the real cause and cure of disease, Dr. E. Bach. A booklet of the philosophy and insights in which the Flower Remedies are rooted. Ideas that are as empowering as the Remedies. Also read his lovely article "Free Thyself". CPP, AEB

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician, Nora Weeks. The story of Dr. Bach and his discovery of the Remedies – very interesting and illuminating! CGB, AGO

Dictionary of the Bach Flower Remedies, T.W. Hyne Jones. A simple booklet, alphabetic listing of the Flower Remeies with key words, and negative / positive aspects. CFD (minumal CC&U), AGO

Repertory: Instead of listing by Flower Remedy, repertories list negative mental and emotional states and forms of outlook, then the Remedy/s that may be appropriate. There is an excellet list included in Scheffer's comprehensive "Encyclopedia...". There is also the simple booklet:

The Bach Remedies Repertory, F. J. Wheeler. He was a close associate of Dr. Bach's, and the listings demonstrate his clear understanding. CChoose, AGO

A Guide to The Bach Flower Remedies, Julian Barnard The best basic guide I know so far, not only describing the Remedies and how to use them also to make sense of what they are about. CGB, CFD, CC&U, CPP, AHH

The 'medium weight' references, when beginners want more, and helpful for the experienced:

Collected Writings of Edward Bach, Ed. Julian Barnard. Edward Bach didn't leave much behind – for simplicity and clarity he burned most of his papers. What he left is certainly worthwhile reading, adding a fuller dimension to his gifts to us. CGB, CPP, AHH

Handbook of the Bach Flower Remedies, Philip Chancellor. A classic work, as helpful as ever. CFD, CC&U, AGO

The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach, Julian Barnard. With superb photographs. A practical guide to the Remedies, plus this includes clear plant identification information, and instructions for making the Bach Flower Remedies. Even if you never make a Remedy for yourself, getting to know the plant is profoundly worthwhile. CGB, CFD, CC&U, CPP, Making Remedies, AHH

Patterns of Life Force, Julian Barnard. This helped me make a big step in understanding the Flower Remedies and Bach's view of health more deeply. A beautiful read, as are all Barnard's works. CGB, CPP, AHH (including for download)

Bach Flower Therapy, Mechthild Scheffer. While the majority of the references on Bach Flower Remedies focus on the emotional and mental states, she is among the few who don't shy away from the fundamental purpose of spiritual re-alignment and development. She takes us through the 38 psycho-spiritual facets of re-establishing unity, between self and Soul, and person and All of Creation (aka 'God'). She helps us get to grips with the importance of taking conscious and active part, rather than just letting the Bach Flowers 'do for us'. With inspiring and original insights on each of the Bach Flowers, and suggested positive statements to use, it is also a very practical guide. CGB, CFD, CC&U, CPP, AGO

Two 'Rolls Royce's of Bach Flower Remedy in-depth study, I suggest as required reading for professional Bach Flower Therapists, and as the 'on the desk' references for practitioners:

Bach Flower Remedies: Form & Function, Julian Barnard. A major work of intellectual, heart, gut and even, dare I say, cellular understanding of the Bach Flowers and what they are about. This offers original views from a major Bach Flower Remedy producer (Healing Herbs) with living botany flowing through his veins. Through the story of Edward Bach and stages of his discoveries, we explore the unifying relationship between the plant kingdom and humankind. Another original perception among many is that, and how the Bach Flowers are not isolated things, rather living beings part of their environment – the life of each Flower Remedy is as much its place as its plant's expression. So the central theme of the book, "gesture of plant as gesture of person" reminds us that we too cannot be separated from our Earthly environment. One confirmation of the depth of this author's touching and profound knowledge was when my friend, a grown man, wept on reading one of the Bach Flower descriptions, "No one has ever, ever understood me like this!" I knew that reading had helped open doors in my friend's heart. CGB, CFD, CC&U, CPP, AHH

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, Mechthild Scheffer. Including and extending from the fullness of her earlier work, Scheffer offers us guidance from her many years of professional consulting and teaching . Her clear and firm adherence to 'classic' therapy with the Flower Remedies and Edward Bach's philosophy shines with inspiring insight, making Edward Bach's approach enduringly fresh and new. Her ability to empower, rather than instruct is second to none. Even if your 'therapy practice' is solely with your family and friends, this comprehensive work will easily help you get started, and see you through the many stages of your own learning. Her uplifting and encouraging perceptions include reminding us that with Bach Flowers, it is not so much a consultation with a client or patient, as an "interview" when we "talk with a person". We help them to see for themselves because we have seen within ourselves. CGB, CFD, CC&U, CPP, AGO


Postcards of the Bach plants / flowers, pack of 40. Exquisite photographs by Julian Barnard. Helpful for intuitive choosing, for getting to know the Bach Flowers, and simply gaining inspiration from the images. AHH

Twelve Healers. Twelve short films, with beautiful music, about the first Remedies discovered by Dr. Bach. Shown in their natural habitat, with conversation about the emotional states. "The Seven Helpers" DVD is also available.

A Journey Into Healing. Following an individual's journey toward healing, and the journey of the spring water as it passes from darkness to the light, receiving the impression of the flowers.

Healing Herbs (AHH) The Flower Remedy descriptions set out in list format, positive / negative key phrases, with lots of information on how to use them; in English or French.

Dr. Bach's "Colour Wall Chart" (AGO) From his own design, the 38 in a circle, grouped into seven headings, with negative states and positive aspects.

TRAINING For Professional Practice of Classic Bach Flower Therapy. It is important to remember that, at least in Britain, it is still legal for anyone to help themselves and other people to use the Bach Flower Remedies. However, to work professionally as a Bach Flower Therapist is a distinct and classical practice, based on an understanding of the profound philosophy in which the Remedies are rooted.

There is basic, simple training available, and various Continual Professional Development courses which enable therapists to call themselves (and insure themselves) as 'Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners'. From what I have seen of such courses, they mostly miss the mark of the profound wisdom that Dr. Bach taught, the vital psycho-spiritual core understanding of the Flower Remedies arising from his insight. So, it mainly remains, as it was over twenty years ago when I began, for us to follow our own curriculum in our own way. Which is probably the most appropriate arrangement, still free from heaps of stricture and bureaucracy. I can, however, recommend the following:

Mechthild Scheffer Courses presented in German only, unless special arrangements are made with her, e.g. for English speaking group. As obvious from my recommended books above, I see her as among the very top guides.

Neal's Yard Remedies, London, LINK in association with Healing Herbs.

Cynthia Alves, copyright, 2008


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