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There are well known astrological correlations** that can help us to easily figure out our type among the "First Twelve " Bach Flower Remedies , as I (Cynthia Alves) refer to in "Bach Flower Remedies for Therapists". Whether or not you 'believe in' astrology is not the issue or important here. If the references help and do clearly check out, use them; if not, ignore them. "Mimulus for Capricorn" helped me, as I had not recognized my pattern of fearfulness before. I have also included key words and clues about each Remedy.

** My source for the correspondences is Peter Damien’s “An Astrological Study of the Bach Flower Remedies”.

The Sun, Moon and Rising (or Ascendant) aspects of a personality are major facets of the human microcosm, of your personality structure. The 'signs' describe your personal alignments with star groups (constellations) at your time of birth, your individual relationship to and expression of the cosmos macrocosm. Even if you only know your "Star sign" (Sun) Flower Remedy, that's a help. I suggest getting your natal chart made up if you don't already know the others.

The purpose of the my list is firstly to help you to recognize your 'type' Bach Flower Remedy (see "Nature of personality" in Bach Flower Remedies for Therapists). With this information, you can make up a Balance Mix, according to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. Depending on those signs, your Balance Mix would be one, two or three Flower Remedies. If all three are the same sign, then that one Remedy will be especially supportive for you. Keep handy the relevant stock bottle/s. Especially if going through tough, 'rocky' or critical times, keep a dose / mixture bottle at hand, and use it as you need without hesitation.

As example, my Sun is in Capricorn, Moon in Aries, and Rising is Leo, so my Balance Mix is Mimulus, Impatiens, and Vervain. Which I do indeed find invaluable! I sometimes use just one of them, and other times, say through house moving, am glad to have a dose mix bottle of all three on hand.

Then, I have also added a 'key word' peep of information about each Remedy. Remember that anyone can experience the negative outlooks, whether or not its your 'type' of nature, as lifelong pattern. The word/s in "quotes" describe the strengths and virtues that Dr. Bach saw the person of that type developing through their lifetime. The dates indicate the Sun sign times (e.g. birthday March 30th = Sun in Aries, 'my star sign'). The italic words describe the negative outlook, followed by the positive aspects.

ARIES - Impatiens “Forgiveness, Patience” Mar 21 - Apr 20 impatient, easily frustrated, finishes other sentences; through understanding and far-sightedness has patience for all others in life to live and do according to their needs and ways.

TAURUS - Gentian “Understanding” Apr 21 - May 21 discouraged and depressed easily at any setback, gloomy outlook, expecting worst; takes heart, has and inspires others with faith.

GEMINI - Cerato “Wisdom, Inner Certainty” May 21- June 22 self doubt, foolishly asks / seeks outside + from others because not trusting inner knowing; follows own inner guidance and lives individuality.

CANCER - Clematis “Gentleness, Presence” Jun 22 - Jul 23 “I forgot. . . What did you say?”, dreamy, sleepy, absent-minded, accident prone, lives in own world; down to Earth idealism, creative imagination an asset to all.

LEO - Vervain “Tolerance” Jul 24 - Aug 23 over enthusiastic , striving, fanatical, mental tension over-strung, must DO, takes on too much; living knowledge of the value of being, enthuses others in quiet, tranquil ways.

VIRGO - Centaury “Strength, Power” Aug 24 - Sep 23 “Yes, I’ll do that for you.”; easily exploited and overworked; weak-willed: cannot say no; often bound by family, not following own life; Wise service, knows how and when to give or withhold.

LIBRA - Scleranthus “Steadfastness” Sep 24 - Oct 23 “I will — no I’ll. . . then again. . .”, decisions difficult, one thing then another, see-saw; varying moods, extremes ; Balance, determination, learning to find decisions and guidance from innermost Self.

SCORPIO - Chicory “Love” Oct 24 - Nov 22 fretful, clinging, tearful; possessive, needs attention, demanding, nags, over-protective, easily feels hurt, offended, rejected. Loves and cares easily and freely for others, knows Love comes unendingly from well of Creation, radiates Love and inspires so in others.

SAGITTARIUS - Agrimony “Peace, Stillness” Nov 23 - Dec 22 masks pain, conflict and worries, wants peace and not to disturb others; is disturbed by and avoids quarrels; seeks drugs or external excitements to distract from inner torment. Optimist with genuine humour, ability to not be influenced by others and outer circumstances, no longer needing ‘mask’ for protection of self or others. The peacemaker.

CAPRICORN - Mimulus “Sympathy, Fearlessness” Dec 23 - Jan 20 shy, blushing, nervous, fearful of worldly things and situations (e.g. heights, animals, pain, poverty, illness, what other people will think), tongue-tied, startled easily, may have secret fears; Brave people who have overcome own fears and shyness, knowledge that there is never truly anything to fear, able to see fear in others and help them grow beyond.

AQUARIUS - Water Violet “Joy” Jan 21 - Feb 19 aloof, proud, “Leave me alone.”, responding to stress by withdrawal, quiet grief, independent, self-reliant; Peaceful, calm people who are wise in service, able to receive help and support from others appropriately, with dignity and detachment, quietly radiating beauty and joy in life.

PISCES - Rock Rose “Courage” Feb 20 - Mar 20 easily alarmed, flustered, panic-y, often experience terror, horror or dread, even in response to what others find mundane or common situations in life, people who’s deep sensitivities are not yet appropriately protected. Courage in the face of emergencies as well as daily stresses, events and situations, strong will, able to calm others in distress, sensitive yet not vulnerable.

Cynthia Alves, copyright 2008


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