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Especially because Nature and Flower Essences are among the few safe and benign forms of remedies, I wholeheartedly recommend them for children; not only Bach Flower Remedies, also the vast range from all over the world. Having witnessed many children's positive response, I am also passionate about them as a great means for supporting children's health, empowerment and developemnt.

Page Intro: about informed choosing / Drops, sprays, roll-ons / All Essences are for everyone / EXAMLES from: Indigo / Bailey / Green Man / Kool Kids / Grassdancer / Wildflower / Purely / Wild Child / Caution re Rescue combination

Page introduction We live in a complicated world, so how do we know what are 'good' Flower Essences, and which are 'what it says on the label'? My following recommendations are for Essences which are from British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP) registered producers, or from other producers who I am sure are bona fide and regulated.

Following is a list of Flower and other Vibrational Essences that have been made and used particularly for issues and conditions that are common through childhood, and have been made with a heartfelt understanding of children. I have chosen these from among hundreds of possibilities, firstly, knowing the integrity of the producers and the quality of their products; and secondly, to give a view of the wide range of issues and approaches that Essences producers address.

If you don't see what you are looking for, I suggest either click the link for the producer who seems closest to your way of thinking, or browse through the BAFEP web site, the British distributor Essence World, or contact International Flower Essence Repertoire (IFER, their address below); UK's distributor of several international ranges. Sometimes choice can be guided by favourite flowers or gems, or those that attract or 'leap out' – so its worth looking at the full details from the producer, which usually includes a list of what is in the combinations. You can also ask for assistance. Many producers have paper copies of information about their Essences that they would be happy to land-mail out to you, so if you think that would be helpful, do contact them to ask.


Drops, Sprays, Roll-ons There are many ways of using Flower Essences (see Using Essences for detailed information). Generally they are sold in dropper bottles – a simple, inexpensive and versatile package. From the dropper bottle you can make up your own sprays, baths and so on. Some producers make up their product directly into sprays and roll-ons, and I have included a few examples from Grassdancer, and Purely's Mother & Baby. There may be some that are sold as sprays that I have not noted. Do contact the producer, as most are able and happy to package their Essences as will suit you. They are also open to your suggestions. Do ask!

All Essences are for everyone. So do remember: While these are focused for children's use, any of the vast range of worldwide Vibrational Flower and Nature Essences may be used for anyone anytime. Any of these may be helpful for adults too! Plus, a child's (and anyone's!) situation is never in isolation, so do consider relationships, and other aspects of 'nature and nurture' that contribute to a child's situation, attitudes and behaviour.

For information about using Flower Essences with children, read Children and Vibrational Essences. For details about how the Essences could be used or applied, go to Using Flower Essences. For further details about any of the Essences or sets listed, click on the link to the producer's web site.


INDIGO ESSENCES Ann Callahan has a particular affinity with the mineral realm, and an inspiring lot of experience with helping children, including with unusual problems or conditions. She produces essences designed especially to help the modern family through the stresses and strains of everyday life, changing old patterns and living with sensitivity. As well as the 12 following combinations, like "First Aid for feelings", she offers other sets which deal with issues relating to grounding. I think her web site is fantastic and hope you'll visit her there.

  • Champion
  • Chill
  • Confidence
  • Happy
  • Invisible Friend
  • Love, No Fear
  • Plurk, Settle
  • Shine
  • Sleep Easy
  • The Works

BAILEY FLOWER ESSENCES Dr. Arthur Bailey was one of the longest serving producers, (passed on in 2008), and his work is most highly respected. He was the first in the UK to further research and production after Dr. Bach. Bailey essences are also worthwhile considering if you suspect issues or conditions involve geopathic stress. See their online information, and contact them with any questions.

  • Anger & Frustration To balance and stabilise our fire energies so that we can take proper control of our lives.
  • Deep Red Peony is a great essence for children who have symptoms that are sometimes interpreted as Asbergers, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity Syndrome, etc. In many ways, these children see this world as a frightening place, feeling disempowered and alone. Deep down, these children are wise beyond their years and struggle to cope with feeling misunderstood and overlooked.
  • Fears This essence helps us to let go of fears so that we can live in greater freedom.
  • Grief This is very helpful for all cases of grief and anguish where there is deep distress.
  • Grounding Essence Keeps one firmly grounded in the present and stops the feeling of being spaced out. Great to use after traveling.
  • Insecurity For all cases of insecurity.
  • Protection & Clearing Helps to protect one from negative influences whilst uplifting one’s spirit at the same time. Especially good where there have been some issues with bullying.
  • Self-Esteem For those who feel disempowered, often dominated by others, and are unable to assert themselves in the world. Blocked-off self-love.
  • Shock and Trauma Essence of choice for sudden or long-term shock and trauma.
  • Transition For when there are major changes in life, when the past needs to make way for the new.
  • Tranquility Brings peace to the over-active mind. It helps to empower us by bringing us into the present moment. Baby distressed? Try a drop of “Tranquility” on their wrist.

GREEN MAN ESSENCES' RANGE OF 'FOCUS FIXES' are for children and families. Also available as pillules by request (rather than the usual liquid drops). This is one among the many excellent ranges that they have produced.

  • Tantrums, Under-Threes, Screams (TUTS1)
  • Teenagers Undergoing Traumatic Situations (TUTS2)
  • Past Life Energies And Stress Eased (PLEASE)
  • Rant And Get Even (RAGE)
  • High Expectations, Little Progress (HELP)
  • Repeating And Sabotaging Patterns (RASP)
  • Grieving Onwards, Never Ending (GONE)
  • Fear Restricts Emotional Expression (FREE)
  • Energy Goes Overboard (EGO)
  • Clear And Logical Mind (CALM)

KOOL KIDS KIT Five combinations of the Unitive Essences range, available from producer Maria Maw, 19, Barracks Sq, Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK11 8HF phone 01625 434368.

  • I’m Ok "If only I had a …. I’d be happy." Increases self-worth.
  • I Can Do It "I can’t" becomes "I can." Increases self-esteem.
  • It’s Ok To Be Me "Nobody likes me." Increases self-respect.
  • It’s Cool "It’s not fair." Increases awareness of self and others.
  • Hang Loose Helps with anxiety, increases self-confidence.

GRASSDANCER Many Essences from Elly Yule's vast range are well suited to children, and relationships and home / room environments. Here are three spray mists she has chosen to highlight. Well worth having a look at her other heart-lifting work!

  • Angels of Joy To bring joy into a room, cheer yourself or others up. Very useful in children's bedrooms for help with nightmares to bring in the Angelic friends who will make your child/ren feel safe once more.
  • Baby Bliss, very gentle, helps baby get used to being here, and to integrate any birth trauma. Settles the baby at night.
  • Fairy Drops Useful when you feel it is time you had a magical gift in your life - reach for the Fairy Drops! When children fall over and hurt themselves or have been upset by something, the Fairies bring back the balance by bringing a special, invisible magical gift that only children can see.

WILDFLOWER ESSENCES FOR CHILDREN This set from among Paul Strode's lovely work includes:

  • Sweet Dreams To soothe away nightmares & aid a good nights sleep.
  • Kind Hands Encourages gentleness, love & kindness
  • Brave Heart To Help in those times when courage is needed.
  • Sweet Heart To help babies adjust to their new world

PURELY ESSENCES Mother & baby set of essences, produced by Debbie Sellwood & Shelley Sishton, are presented as a range of 9 different combinations of flowers, crystals, trees and sacred stones, made using processes of attunement. Created to support the journey from conception, through pregnancy and in to life together as a family. Incorporating essences for dad and siblings too. Range comprises dropper bottles, spritz and pulse point roll-ons.

The following are available in the UK through IFER. They are currently working on their new web site for online info and sales. For now, please contact them by phone Tel 01583 505385, or post / land mail at Achamore House, Isle Of Gigha, Argyll PQ41 7AD, Scotland UK. They also host courses with top international producers, and international gatherings / conferences on the exceptionally beautiful island. Otherwise, click the name to link to the producer's web site.

PACIFIC ESSENCES** Sabina Pettitt is dear to my heart for her ground-breaking work with sea creatures, though she works with other Nature realms too. Her information on Essences and meridian systems is masterful and enlightening. From her vast repertoire, for our purpose here:

  • Kids Stuff For all the fears, dramas and traumas of childhood. Restores innocence and harmony and acceptance of what is. Helps the 'kid' in us older ones too.
  • Optimal Learning Enhances all levels of learning – visual, auditory and kinesthetic … whether it’s in the classroom or the school of life. Also helps kids with learning disabilities including dyslexia and ADD.
  • Balancer: In a stressful situation, maintain your centre. Restore balance and harmony. A powerful adjunct to any holistic health first aid kit, it can be used in any situation of psychic, emotional, or physical 'overload.' Sabina says, "The best kid's remedy for overwhelm. You know when they start to cry and can't stop and have forgotten even why they are crying. We have toddlers asking their parents for their balancer!!!"

** Follow her home page nav link to Combinations > Balancer, or New Combinations > Kids Stuff and Optimal Learning

HIMALAYAN FLOWER ENHANCERS (Follow link from the "Self Image" section of Essences)

  • Childrens Flower A protective essence for children. Helps the child maintain their original and uncorrupted connection with the natural world, whilst exposed to the socio-cultic conditioning. Invokes delight, joy, playfulness, innocence, resilience - a sense of wonder and awe in the mysteries of life. Good for big children too, connecting adults with their inner child. Also found to bring the light back in to the eyes of seabirds damaged by pollution. (Which reminds us that each of these Essences is also about far more than the focused descriptions.)

WILD CHILD ESSENCES created by Daniel Mapel, to allow children and adults to experience and benefit from the healing energies of wild baby animals. They allow you to be supported by these precious little ones and their loving gifts of innocence, self-awareness, confidence, safety, and belonging. Made in a ceremonial attunement process in the wild, they contain no animal parts, and no animals are captured or harmed in their development. These essences are especially beneficial for children who have not had some of their most fundamental needs met, and they are equally beneficial for adults whose deepest inner needs were not met when they were children and who need to address those unmet needs now.

  • Lion Cub – for children who are fearful or anxious; who lack confidence; who need to develop courage and strength for moving forward.
  • Fawn - for children who are aggressive, over-stimulated or stressed; who have lost touch with the innocence of being a child.
    Elephant Calf - for children who are going through periods where they feel scared or anxious; who live in families that lack a strong sense of togetherness
  • Dolphin Calf - for children who have mothers who are not emotionally or physically present; who are too serious and have lost their ability to play freely.
  • Bear Cub - for children who have not had their true feelings recognised and honoured by their caregivers; who have difficulty seeing the needs of others; for slowing down and focusing.
  • Wolf Pup - Nurtures the experience of a deep sense of belonging, fitting in, knowing that one matters and knowing that one has a place in the world. Also for children who are confused about their place in the world; whose parents are separated or divorced; who get disorientated in school or other environments.

A CAUTION ABOUT RESCUE REMEDY Dr. Bach developed a combination formula of five of his Flower Remedies, known as the 'rescue remedy'. Its also . It comes as a liquid, and also as a cream with added cleanser Remedy Crab Apple. Sadly, the one labeled and trademarked as "Rescue Remedy", made by Nelsons and advertised as 'The Original' is no longer made according to Dr. Bach's instructions. I suggest avoiding it. Also because it is sold in 'dose' rather than 'stock' form, which means it is highly diluted and not suitable for further dilution. I do highly recommend those made by the Bach producers group (Healing Herbs, Ainsworths, Sun Essences), labeled as Five Flower, Trauma or 1st Aid formula, as well as those made by Green Man, Bailey, Crystal Herbs, and David Beale, which are all sold as Dr. Bach intended, at stock form, and all are listed on the UK producer's site BAFEP.

Please remember that my list here highlights just a few of the vast range of Nature Vibrational Essences that are available. If you have any questions about any of the above or any others, please refer to the individual web sites of producers, distributors, or national associations as mentioned above. I hope at the very least that the information here has given you hope and inspiration in the knowledge of what is possible.

All information, recommendations and instructions are given intending to support and not replace medical care. Please use "Flower Essences" and all other Lifepower teaching and recommendations responsibly, and seek medical help as appropriate.

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