When I [Cynthia Alves] turned thirty, what I wanted most was to be healthy, and to be happy. That desire set in motion a new and fruitful stage of my journey of learning, practice and developing life style, built on previous experiences. From the evening I heard the ideas of "The Awakening Earth" (The Global Brain), I longed to awake into unity, and that has given my explorations into health profound meaning and impetus. I began to learn that what I was wanting, I do have, as do we all. Life's power.

Approx 1,000 words

WHAT IS EARTH? From my point of view, I see much of humanity 'living' the idea that Earth is a resource, a thing to be used, and a thing outside of and separate from oneself. Or, at best, nature is seen as something to be enjoyed or marveled at, perhaps protected. Very commonly life on Earth is to be feared and defended against, from germs to weather systems. In all, 'power' is to be got – whether 'worked for' or stolen, or from a lucky ticket, but how ever got, its not the least through getting and hoarding Earth's stuff. Power is seen as for a lucky or 'strong' few, to be exercised to conquer and control life.

To me, 'life-power' has come to mean taking that whole destructive, separatist model of life and turning it upside-down, inside-out. There's not a 'me' and an 'Earth'; in here and out there is an 'optical delusion', a mistaken view of very limited perception and confused beliefs. Instead, Earth is a part of me, and I a part of Her, which my personal consciousness experiences through the filtered little window of individuality. She is not a 'thing', Earth is a living being.

WHAT ARE WE? Every person, each being, all particles are glowing with the light of life, with the power of creation: LIFEPOWER. We are part of and utterly connected with the universal field of consciousness. As yet most people are still asleep to their own stream of power in life and the aliveness of all, yet now may be our awakening. Some will begin to see it, others to feel emotionally or palpably, or know through a sense I haven't met yet.

ONE LIFE The powers that are Earth's, of Her life, are everyone's too. Powers of flow and change, regeneration cycle, powers we distinguish as the elements, including air, fire, water, metal and so on, powers of quality, and powers of consciousness. Powers of health, of happiness and inner peace. All the powers and more that I explore through my work and life, and these web pages. I don't have to get them, or defend them. They are what I am, 'mine' because I am alive, part of life.

I do need to become aware of them, exercise them, and let them be. Part of how I gain awareness is through listening (a major area of meditation skill), and observation through my senses (meditation again...). I also need to relax to let them be. I have come to see my body as a model of Earth's, macro and micro. The same systems and powers of life are inherent in both. I notice the many ways Earth self heals and regulates balance. Much of this happens through the plant realm. The gifts of the plant realm are my powers too.

LIFE AS BENIGN? I've written often through these pages about life as benign. You may well ask, "If the universe is primarily benign, why am I having such a hard and unhappy time? Why does the world seem in such a mess?" Through this site I offer my views of possible answers to these questions; along with "So what can we do about it?" cues. I feel deeply motivated to hand information on about what is helping me to increasingly enjoy life, relax, feel loved and loving – to experience this 'benign universe' no matter what my situation, and help others to do so for the benefit of all.

As we come to individually know and exercise our lifepowers, more clearly and often, we give more to the rest of life too. Not through duty or effort or striving. Instead, through letting fall away what isn't life or with life's flow, and letting ourselves be and go through what is.

LIFEPOWERS: FIELDS ON THIS SITE I translate the Lifepowers that I experience and work with into the different fields of this site.

  • From nature, in Vibrational Essence form, we receive signals, messages that uplift, help us to remember and heal and balance, to know and enjoy the nature we share. The powers of life informing life, to heal and evolve.
  • Through Relaxation and Meditation we receive powers of mind and consciousness: presence, intention and purpose, focus, choice and decision, memory and knowledge, compassion, the power of being and the power of love.
  • With Happy Health, through our body's power of acting / doing, including the most fundamental acts of breathing, eating, drinking water, we share our caring, and explore and enjoy life, and evolve. We also receive what we give, and we can see what we are giving and how we are using our mind, in the mirrors of this astoundingly wondrous gift of nature, body. Here are also pages on simple ways to care for ourselves.
  • Herb Network is a Transition Town project for the folks of any local community to help each other use the Plant realm's gifts of herbs, for health support and as remedies. Anyone can take part in growing, harvesting, preserving, skill teaching, using and sharing safe herbs for self and family and community.
  • Living Earth Awareness lifts us from human-centricity, overcomes our catastrophic disconnection from the rest of Earth's life, and gives us the power of the bigger picture, the deeper and wider knowing. This field, in turn, gives profound meaning to all other fields of Lifepower.

QUALITY STREAMS THROUGHOUT LIFEPOWER My particular interest in life's powers is especially in what is simple, common and accessible no matter what culture and situation, and at best common to other forms of life, not only for humans. What is easy, probably because at heart I am lazy. And though I have a strong nature that values doing, I have also been learning the great power in being.

REMEMBER: These and all lifepowers aren't outside of and separate from us. We aren't islands in a sea of life. We don't have to strive or get these benefits of life. We so easily believe and behave as if love, and happiness and peace, depends on getting things, on circumstances we can't control, on others. Lifepower helps us find what we already have, and to grow it into life, because of the power we already are.

PLEASE RESPONSIBLY NOTE: Most of us need some kind of help with our health sometime. If you (and those you are caring for) are experiencing frailty, a life-threatening illness or condition, please consider all the Lifepower information in the spirit that it is offered. What I offer here and on other pages is meant to support, encourage and enable our abilities to care for ourselves. It is never meant to replace or over-ride the help and care we are responsible for receiving from professional medical people and agencies.