Cynthia Alves introduces herself, purposes, past and present influences, erring on the side of dry and factual to avoid getting into the over-excited drama of The Story! I was born and raised in the USA, and when I came to England in the 1970's I realised I was truly home, and settled as a British citizen. I live with a deep impulse to share the treasures of my life, and to help others find their own treasures and ways. Like so many others, my desire to cultivate peace and overcome suffering runs very deep.

EARLY SEEKING My trail of seeking through the seventies led me to explore Transcendental Meditation, Silva Method, Jungian analysis, and a wealth of general study about life, the universe, and everything. My visits to Findhorn Foundation over the years, like Super Food for the soul, always boosted my motivation, and were where I always found pointers for my next steps. At a memorable early London Mind-Body-Spirit Festival I seemed to stumble on the Bach Flower Remedies, which turned out later to become increasingly important and central in my life.

A COURSE IN MIRACLES It was at Findhorn in the early 80's that I first heard about A Course in Miracles - which seemed a shocking idea at first! Yet when I heard a year later that it had just been published in paperback, I brought home my copy (in a plain brown bag... embarrassed to take a peek during the train ride), and began study that would be crucial to my life development for the next ten years.

MY STORY WITH ESSENCES began by discovering the Bach Flower Remedies in 1979, and then exploring with my own set. Having experienced emotional healing, growing positive attitude, and improvement from physical ill conditions I wanted everyone to know about them and be able to help themselves too! I have witnessed Essences helping babies, children and animals, and seen how effectively children can choose them for themselves.

I began teaching in 1987, and found I had a talent for prescribing Essences 'at distance'. I am also realizing that Essences are alive, and am awakening to the loving spirits of nature, the life of the form we see. The healing that Nature is assisting is beyond and even more profound than for human ailments – as wonderful as that is! Essences are also helping us to awaken into life's unity.

I was registered as Essences practitioner and teacher with the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association (www.bfvea.com) for many years, and continue to use Healing Herb's Bach Flower Remedies, Green Man, Living Tree Orchid, FES, Alaskan Flower and Gem, Perelandra, Flower of Freedom, Stewart's Lighten Our Darkness, and other Essences for myself, nature, and others as appropriate.

PETER RUSSELL'S "THE AWAKENING EARTH" (also known as "The Global Brain") Shortly after beginning the 365 A Course in Miracles Lessons, I met Peter Russell who would become another facet of major influence for my work and life; and read his book, "The Awakening Earth", which truly did 'change my life'! Since the mid-80's I have been privileged to serve as his personal assistant, and be continually inspired by his own developing views and experiences. His work is the main root for my yearning for unity awareness, and for "Living Earth Awareness".


  • Michaelle Small-Wright's work at PERELANDRA, not the least important as offering a workable model of the nature-human relationship. Several of her excellent books are also now available as downloadable e-books.
  • HOLISM, especially as presented by William Bloom in his ground-breaking "SOULution, The Holistic Manifesto". He has also helped me to become more confident with and articulate about nature spirits, meditation and relaxation, including through his work in the areas of "Endorphin Effect", and in "Feeling Safe".

BUILDING LIFEPOWER: Out of those and other study, influences and life experiences, the cornerstones of my work evolved, and grew with my passions for:

  • Philosophy and psychology - understanding the mind in a way that empowers everyone;
  • Nature's wondrous Vibrational Essences - 'people's medicine' and so much more;
  • Love and care of Earth and of all her life - including my beautiful, organic "Rainbow Healing Garden"!

And last for now, certainly not least, I pay heartfelt respect to the origin of the particular "One Life" thought that graces the bottom of all my pages: It comes from the motto for the International Flower Essences Conference held at Findhorn Foundation in 1996 (for which much thanks to Marion Leigh and her Findhorn Essences), the influences of which are still rippling lovingly through my life and outward!

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