Happy Health

"Vegetable Joy" COOK BOOK
Simple and easy Lifepowers that everyone can benefit from: breath, herbs, positive mind, and more!
Learn, practice, empower.

Living Earth Awareness

Becoming aware that Earth is alive, living this consciousness, knowing unity with all life. This is key to survival and healing. Awaken, act, live.

Bach Flower Remedies
& Nature Essences

Gifts from Nature, safe and loving, for life's health and consciousness evolution. Information, encouragement, inspiration.

Herb Network
A project aligned with Transition Towns to encourage local community growing and sharing of herbs for simple household remedy and health support.
Grow, harvest, learn, share, heal.



Cynthia, Lifepower, Rainbow Healing Garden (organic!), Porlock. . . Background to what this site is about.
Be, Here, Now.

Relaxation & Meditation

Relaxing into life: how we all can help ourselves, each other, all Earth's life. Support, training, becoming.